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Education & Community Outreach
SOS Elephants is providing several workshops with local communities and local farmers. Here are the types of
workshops we provide:
Loss of crops and homes due to elephants is a economic and emotional issue in Chad and many other countries.
Farmers and local communities can lose a year’s supply of food and their homes in a matter of minutes when an
elephant comes into a community. This proves to be very emotional and has an excessive economic impact on
the local communities. SOS Elephants is addressing this conflict between humans and elephants through a
conservation management strategy that will benefit both humans and elephants. We hope that we can restore
the relationship between man and elephant and that man and elephant can once again live in harmony.
Crop Management with Red Pepper:
SOS Elephants is training farmers to use non-harmful red pepper as a
deterrent rather than injuring or killing elephants. In our workshops we
teach local farmers how to plant red pepper around their crops forming a
buffer to keep elephants out of the crops. Elephants will not eat the red
peppers. The red pepper is irritating to their nose and eyes. They hate the
smell and will leave the area when they come into contact with the red
Red peppers used as a deterrent
We are also teaching farmers how to make a red pepper mix that can be
burned and produce a smoke that the elephants do not like. The solution
is made out of elephant dung, oil and red pepper. The farmers burn the
solution at night. The smoke will irritate the elephant’s noses and eyes if
they get to close. So they stay clear of the areas. This is another method
that has proven to be successful.
Elephant Education 101:
Educating the community
We are holding educational workshops to teach local communities about
Elephants. We educate people on elephant habitats, typology, food
sources, and why they are under threat of extinction thru loss of habitat
and poaching/ivory wars. Most importantly we show the local communities
that these are their elephants and their country and why both of these
should be protected. We have been teaching local communities about
environmental tourism and the money they can make from tourist coming
to see the elephants in their country.
Community Meetings:
Community Meeting
SOS Elephants has been going into local communities to just listen.  We
want people to know we are here for them and that we care about the
issues they are having with elephants. We want to hear the methods
they are using to protect their crops and homes, and educate them on
why those methods are or are not working. Most importantly we want to
teach people that there are ways to live in harmony with elephants so
that no one, elephants or humans, are hurt. If we can all work together
we can make this a success.
SOS Elephants Soccer Team:
SOS elephants Soccer team is a way to get younger generations involved
in raising awareness about the future of elephants. Our players are
enthusiastic about the survival of elephants and proudly wear our name
when they play other local teams.
SOS Elephants Soccer Team
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