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Friends of SOS Elephants
The Fondation Brigitte Bardot
The Fondation Brigitte Bardot has supported SOS Elephants since 2011 by helping to rescue baby elephants.
Thanks to their support, SOS Elephants has been able to open a baby elephant orphenage.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
A haven for elephant orphans rhinos and other animals. Read about our work on elephant conservation anti-
poaching resource and everything else about elephants.

Save the Elephants
Securing a future for elephants and sustaining the beauty and ecological integrity of the places where they live.

Elephant Voices
ElephantVoices' Mission is to inspire wonder in the intelligence, complexity and voices of elephants and to
secure a kinder future for them through research and the sharing of knowledge.

Laurel Neme
Animal Investigators: How the World's First Wildlife Forensics Lab is Catching Poachers, Solving Crimes, and
Saving Endangered Species, by author Laurel A. Neme, PhD

Bush Warriors: Stop Poaching and Bushmeat
There is a war taking place on our planet for which there are no headlines, no demonstrations, and no voice. It
is a war against some of the most endangered species on our planet and it takes place in some of the most
majestic, and unexplored biospheres of the world. Unseen and untouched by the Western world, these places
are well-suited to commit atrocious acts in hiding.

Elephant News
News about elephants from all over the world updated daily.

Kenya Travel Ideas
Kenya Travel Ideas offers incredible information, from books, safari suggestions, newspaper all the way to
kenyan coffee and recipes.

Verein der Elefantenfreunde
Der Verein der Elefantenfreunde hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, dass auch kommende Generationen noch wilde
Elefanten und Nashörner in freier Natur erleben können.

Parc National Zakouma

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