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We are so proud to announce that we are working on
building a new orphanage for the orphaned elephants
we rescue. 
It is estimated that only 2500 elephants still roam the
beautiful country of Chad with 500 elephants in the
national park of  Zakouma  and nearby 1000 elephants
around the Chari-Baguirmi / Mayo Lemie  area where the
elephants are not in a protected area and under the
monitoring of the teams of SOS Elephants of Chad. Only
twenty years ago over 22,000 elephants roamed the
country. Please help us to save these amazing creatures!
SOS Elephants is working closely with government
officials and local communities to save the elephants
of Chad.
3 Soccer teams promoting SOS Elephants and organizing
the sensitization campaign to protect the elephants
among the local communities.

We are so proud of them !
Elephant Orphanage
SOS Elephants Community dealing with the local
communities to protect the éléphants
SOS Elephants Soccer Team
Viewer discretion is advised when while viewing this
album. Some of the content may be hard to look at.

SOS Elephants is working closely with government
Officials, anti poaching units who are mainly soldiers from the local army  and local communities to save the elephants of Chad
Ivory Wars
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