We have several different wish lists that you can choose from in order to help SOS
Elephants. We could not save the elephants without the support and help of our
donors. Anything you can do to help will go a long way and be much appreciated. If
you want to donate something that is not on the list, please contact us and we can
let you know if it is something we need. Thank you so much for your continued
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New Construction Wish list
We are building the new location for SOS Elephants. We need to raise $30,000.00 HELP US REACH OUR GOAL!!
Please consider a donation
Here are the estimated costs:
·  Main building : $6000.00 USD
·  Guest Houses : $3000.00 USD
·  Baby Elephant Quarters: $3000.00 USD
·  Salary for 10 workers for 3 months to build the new location:  $3600.00 USD
·  We need water wells constructed.  $3000.00 USD
· Water Pumps for the red pepper garden and the elephant orphanage $1000.00 USD each
· Furniture and supplies $4,000-$6,000 USD
·  Cushion for the unexpected $3,000 USD
General Wish List
For the SOS elephants schools (education about elephants)
·  Books and items about the elephants for the  community school in English or French
·  DVD’s and CD’s about the elephants in English of French
·  Pens and pencils
·  Notebooks to write for  the  children of the community
·  School slates and chalks to write

For preventing the human / elephant conflict (delocating the crops outside the elephants corridor)
·  Garden gloves
·  Garden tools
·  Seeds
·  Water pumps

For the SOS éléphants teams in the field monitoring several areas
·  Walkies Talkies
·  Motorbikes
·  Bicycles
·  4x4 trucks
·  Solar panels
·  Solar lights
·  First Aid Kits
·  Digital Cameras
·  Compasses
·  GPS
·  Binoculars
·  Laptop Computers
·  Highlighters
·  Flashlights/torches
·  Weatherproof locks (combination and padlock)
·  Mobiles phones (Mayo Lémié Units) Please contact us to get details on how to donate a phone and what we need.
·  2 way radios (Midland GXT950VP4 5-Watt 42-Channel 30-Mile Waterproof GMRS Radio Pair with NOAA All Hazard/Weather Alert)
The SOS Elephants football team (soccer team) Wish List
·  Tennis shoes
·  Soccer cleats
·  Soccer Socks
·  Shin Guards
·  Soccer balls
·  Goal Gloves
Send Supplies To:
Stephanie Vergniault
SOS Elephants
P.O. Box 66 33
N'Djamena, Chad
Stephanie Vergniault Youtube Page
Link to facebook page
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