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About SOS Elephants About Stephanie Vergniault
Is dedicated to the preservation of elephants and
their habitats throughout various regions by
employing methods in research, education,
conservation and counter poaching disciplines.
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SOS Elephants
Stephanie Vergniault, head of SOS Elephants
in Chad, says she has seen more beheaded
corpses of elephants in her life than living
animals.  Read more....
A nation of tragedies: the unseen elephant wars of Chad.
Jeremy Hance (mongabay.com)
SOS Elephants Baby Orphanage
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Central Africa is one of the last regions with a
sizable population of African elephant, but their
numbers are only a fraction of what they used to
be. In Zakouma National Park in Chad there are
an estimated 600 elephants. Twenty years ago
there were 40,000.  Read more....
Saving Elephants In Chad
Sean McLachlan (gadling.com)
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